Who Am I?

Greetings, and welcome to CryptoInfoConsolidator! I’m Henry Haley, M.D., an ophthalmologist providing medical and surgical eye care in the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas for over thirty years.

I want to welcome you to what I believe is a truly one-of-a-kind, fantastic opportunity–the ONLY subscription newsletter to combine the expert and insider knowledge and recommendations from 11 (and counting) different independent research groups involved in the crypto asset space. I am not aware of any other service available in the market today that covers the crypto revolution from so many viewpoints, all in one place for ease-of-use.

Let’s face it–the crypto market and its underlying blockchain technology is so vast and rapidly evolving, there’s no way for one group or set of experts to have access to the knowledge required to maximize an investor’s opportunities. That is why I created this service! There are many people interested in investing in crypto assets or at least learning about what they and the underlying blockchain technology are all about.

This subscription newsletter will fill that void, and it will do so for a fraction of the cost and time it took me to gain that knowledge and insight. So if you believe that having 11 different insights into such a disruptive, nascent technology is a huge advantage, then this service is for you!

Learn More About Crypto Investments

As a busy, actively-practicing surgeon,I don’t have much free time to waste. I do, however, believe in taking responsibility for my own investment decisions, and have always done my own research for my personal investments. I tend to be open to new ideas, and look for out-of-the-box or contrarian ideas to supplement the common investment classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.). I have subscriptions to several investment newsletters, and over the years have found their thought processes and recommendations very timely and profitable. It was through a couple of these that I first came across serious research and recommendations for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology.

If this subject scares you, don’t let it! I, too, was very skeptical of this whole subject, because I couldn’t understand what it was useful for and how it could be valuable and properly valued. I, too, listened to the media and read the negative press. It was only after delving into the topic through my trusted newsletters that I finally understood the magnitude of what blockchain technology has to offer and how it will affect EVERY industry going forward, just like the Internet did. My newsletters only began recommending cryptos when they had hired the proper experts and insiders to help guide their subscribers in making informed, carefully researched decisions.

Now I have spent over two years and significant money and time (several hundred hours!) to extensively delve into the entire crypto asset space. I became more fascinated with the massive potential of what was actively being developed with this technology. I came across further research groups with their own insider connections, and invested in those also. I quickly realized that there was no single great source that would give me the knowledge, insight, and recommendations that would cover the whole asset class. There are now over 4,000 cryptocurrencies, and more being developed each day! How could I know which ones may be the future Microsofts, Amazons, or Googles of the crypto market? By having several viewpoints, I could find out which ones were recommended in more than one newsletter, and which ones seemed to be attacking huge markets or solving major problems.

I now have 11 different research groups from which to acquire a much bigger picture of what’s happening and where the best opportunities lie. Each one has hired or partnered with experts who are either insiders or early adopters. These are the people that have the connections with the developers, movers and shakers, hedge funds, private equity, and institutional buyers. They attend the crypto conferences and get the scoop on what is happening with this rapidly evolving technology. I am absolutely certain that I have more knowledge on this subject than at least 99.99% of the general public. In fact, only 0.3% of the population owns any cryptocurrency!

That’s when the light bulb went off in my head and it occurred to me that access to this information I had accumulated would fill a huge void out there. I know of no other opportunity to get the wisdom of all these experts in one place, so I decided to develop it myself! After all, it had taken over two years and significant money to get this knowledge, and I will be continuing to invest my time and money as the crypto revolution unfolds over the next decade or two. I know many people want to possibly invest in or learn about what crypto assets and blockchain technology are all about, but have nowhere to turn. This service will fill that need! I hope you join me in this incredible journey toward transformative profits!

Top 10 Cryptos by Market Cap (Updated Daily)

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Binance Coin (BNB)
Tether (USDT)
Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Tezos (XTZ)
Bitcoin SV (BSV)